Our purpose is to provide guides and advice to help Travelers plan their banner spending, due to how difficult and expensive pull currency is to save and obtain.The SYP Team consists of two admins (A.Q. and I.T.) and a small, wonderful team of volunteer translators.Header artwork and character designs by ngkhyn.

The SYP Commandments1. Never pull without a plan.2. Always plan for worst case scenario.3. Waifu/Husbando > Meta, but every character also deserves to be balanced and worth your investment.4. Your mental and financial well-being is more important than a game.5. "Building pity" is a myth invented by the paper-handed. Never pull unless you're okay getting the rate-up 5✰.

Primogem Totals Needed

1 x Guaranteed Limited Character = ~160 pulls / ~25,600 primosAssuming lost 50/50 + forced to hit soft pity both rounds.Hard pity is at 90, soft pity is at 75; calculated at conservative estimate of 80. (80 x 2 = 160)1 x Guaranteed Specific Limited Weapon = ~210 pulls / ~33,600 primosAssuming a lost 75/25, then a lost 50/50, to max out Fate Points for Epitomized Path + forced to hit soft pity all three rounds.Hard pity is at 80, soft pity is at 65; calculated at conservative estimate of 70. (70 x 3 = 210)

Primogem Income Estimates

Estimated Income / Minimum # of Free Pulls Per Patch:
~65+ Limited Pulls Per Patch
Using conservative averages from the Freemogem History documentation at the bottom of the page. Assumes full exploration, full participation in In-Game Events + Web Events, full completion of new content (Achivements, Serenitea Pot, etc.), and full-clears of Spiral Abyss per patch.Spiral Abyss accounts for ~11 pulls per patch, or ~2.75 pulls per full-cleared floor per patch. If you do not participate in Spiral Abyss, subtract 11 pulls from the final Pulls Per Patch number that applies to you.+ Welkin (~26 Pulls) = ~91 Limited Pulls Per Patch90 (daily Welkin primos) + 10 (300 Genesis Crystal Welkin bonus converted to average # of extra primos per day of Welkin) x 42 (days in a patch) = 4,2004,200 ÷ 160 (primos per limited pull) = 26.25+ Battle Pass (~8 Pulls) = ~99 Limited Pulls Per Patch4 (Intertwined Fates from rewards) + 4 (converting level 50 reward of 680 primos to Intertwined Fates) = 8

Freemogem History

Genshin Bookkeeping (by /u/sectoidfodder)
Patch Primo Income (by /u/Saber1202)

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Lore Databases

Khaenri'ah Lore Library & Database - https://khaenriah.com/library
Beginner's Guide to Genshin Lore - https://khaenriah.com/beginners

Useful Tools

[Schedule] 2022 Version Update Calendar (by /u/izzykuroneko)[Theorycrafting] GI Helper Team's Character Builds (Beginner-friendly)
[Theorycrafting] KQM Character Guide Database
[Theorycrafting] GI Damage Calculator
[Theorycrafting] Genshin Optimizer (Advanced)
[All-Purpose Tracking] Genshin Center
[Wish Tracking] Paimon.moe
[Showcase Builder] Shinshin.moe (Requires Screenshots)
[Showcase Builder] Enka.Network (UID-Generated)

Historical Tracking

[Banners] Character/Banner History Sheet (by sakuno#7950@KQM)[Freemogems] Genshin Bookkeeping (by /u/sectoidfodder)
[Freemogems] Patch Primo Income (by /u/Saber1202)